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7. Indoor Live Steam Festival Sinsheim
2003, january 10 - 12

From january 10 to 12, 2003, the doors at the Sinsheim-fairgrounds were open for all steam-fans to visit the worldbiggest Live Steam Indoor Festival. Around 400 steam- and backyard-railroad-fans from Switzerland, Great Britain, Austria and Germany came to Sinsheim to visit more than 1,000 models under steam, to chat, to show their hobby to the public and to operate the trains. On 5" track, the longest track in on the fairgrounds with around nearly 3 miles of total track where around 150 LiveSteamers present. Not only the exhibitors are international, als the visitors of the show came from all over Europe and the USA. Ca. 20,000 visitors were count.
Beside the private exhibitors where around 110 commercial booth from all over Europe including Roll Models from Fresno, California, USA.
Everyone, who want's to start with live steam, was able to get tips and inspiration from the exhibitors and to buy the needed parts and tools from the commercial exhibitors. Everthing from a kit up to a RTR-steam-engine, from the smallest bolt up to the complete workbench and many written informations was for sale.

The next Indoor Live Steam Festival is sheduled for january 09 - 11, 2004.

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hotel.jpg view1.jpg view2.jpg
After the morning view from my hotel-room in Weiler, a town around 3-4 miles away from Sinsheim to the local castle, the depot area in the 7.25" section looked like on this photos.
1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
Two narrow gauge engines, a model of the Stainz in 3" scale and a Tiger from the Switerzland manufacturer Ballson Behind an scratchbuild O&K steamer, named "Klorus", build in the Netherlands, you can see the "Furka Zuegli", a model of the a commuter-train of the Switzerland FO The FO owns a homebuilt snowplow, which operated together with the Furka Train on the center picture
austria1.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
As every year, a hardcore-livesteam-group from Austria was in Sinsheim. Their motive-power are two models of the Solingen, another Model of Ballson. For their local club, they are building a 3" scale model of a german narrow-gauge-dieselengine, which is just primed in black.
Some of this guys will come over to the states for the Train Mountain Triennial 2003 in june.
This engine was built by the german manufacturer Thul and represents a german 2 foot engine. It is available in 3" and 3 3/4" scale.
7.jpg 8.jpg harz.jpg
A 3 3/4" scale model of a german diesel-engine, operated by a young fan. The Roll Models Trolley had some minor problems with the headlight. Paul is fixing it, so it can operate during the show. A metergauge model of a diesel-powered motorcar from the Harz-mountain-railroad.
6.jpg 9.jpg pcr1.jpg
From our german narrow gauge association FKSB we participated with two trains. This is the freelanced 3 " scale logging-goose of my friend "Archie" Karpe. After Paul fixed the problem, the Roll Models Trolley operated flawlessly and caused much smiles in the faces of the visitors. My 3" scale train with cut in cars of Roll Models in 2.5". No problem with the different scales, the train looked nice, but was harder to operate than without the cars (heavy, heave, the Roll Models).
11.jpg 10.jpg 12.jpg
On sunday morning, the batteries of the Trolley where nearly empty, so they were changed between the 25ton-switcher and the Trolley. That was a good idea, because the Trolley was heavily needed later that day. A pair of Deutz diesel-engines, which originally operated on the Euskirchen County Railroad. After shut down of the line, the engines switched over to a railroad in northern germany. Today, the can be found all over Europe including Switzerland at the MOB. On sunday afternoon, one of the commercial public-trains had an engine-failure. So, the trolley was called for duty and performed very well.
tram.jpg sprewald.jpg
From Belgium, a tram with car for wheel-chairs operated on the public-trains. This is a Ballson-model of the german meter-gauge engine Spreewald, which today is preserved in Bruchhausen-Vilsen at the DEV, germanys first museum railroad.
I was absolute surprised to learn, that Roll Models had a booth in Sinsheim together with Cromar White from Great Britain, their new European agent.
Following are some photos from their booth and the rolling-stock, they had brought with them. A lot of the rolling-stock was delivered to Germany for a single customer.
roll1.jpg roll2.jpg roll3.jpg
The left side of the booth with the work-caboose. The center and right-side of the booth with Tiffany-Reefer and a high-side gondola in the background. Yes, that's the Train Mountain trackplan 2000 at the wall under the Cromar White sign.
roll4.jpg roll5.jpg roll10.jpg
The new D&RGW 3'7" truck from Roll Models. The Tiffany-Reefer (with opened doors) and a truck from Cromar White. The handoperated speeder for kids.
roll11.jpg roll8.jpg roll12.jpg
The Trolley on the layout. The 25-ton Switcher with riding-car. The same highside gondola, you could see at the booth-photos..
And now the cars, which I operated cut in my train for two days:
roll7.jpg roll6.jpg roll9.jpg
The 4-wheel-weed-control-car. The 30' D&RGW stockcar. The 40' D&RGW steal flatcar.

Not featured on this page is my RGS speeder, which is under construction. I had the actual version with me in Sinsheim. Pictures of the construction can be found on the special page under http://www.7-plus-ngm.org/pcr/speedere.htm.

Additonal photos can be found under www.livesteaming.com. Trevor Heath visited on saturday morning the show and made photos in the other areas, too.

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