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5. Indoor Live Steam Festival
Sinsheim 2001

From january 12 to 14, 2001, the doors at the Sinsheim-fairgrounds were open for all steam-fans to visit the worldbiggest Live Steam Indoor Festival. 315 steam- and backyard-railroad-fans from Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Hungary and Spain as well as a group from Japan came to Sinsheim to visit more than 1,000 models under steam, to chat, to show their hobby to the public and to operate the trains. Not only the exhibitors are international, als the visitors of the show came from all over Europe. Total 21,022 visitors were count, after 20,051 in 2000. This means a new visitor-record at the 5. anniverary.

Everyone, who want's to start with live steam, was able to get tips and inspiration from the exhibitors and to buy the needed parts and tools from 80 commercial exhibitors. Everthing from a kit up to a RTR-steam-engine, from the smallest bolt up to the complete workbench and many written informations was for sale.

The smalles steam-engine of the world, historic steam engines, steam-boats, steamtrain-rides on 5" and 7 ", special clinics, steam-movie-theathre and surely much more steam will be featured at the 6. Indoor Live Steam Festival in 2002, january 11 - 13.

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5.jpg 17.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg
13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg
One participant brought a complete train of the International Rhine Control Railway, which is located at the corner of Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The prototype is 900 mm gauge, which is close to 3' gauge. So, the train is nearly 2.5" scale. I don't know, if the locomotive is prototypically, but the cars are all based on the prototype.
21.jpg 9.jpg 8.jpg 19.jpg
As every year, a group from Austria came with their 3" scale narrow gauge train. This year, they brought an shay, which is still under construction, with them too. It should have a narrow gauge prototype, but I'm not sure. Their main-engine is this 0-6-0 "Solingen" built by the Switzerland manufacturer Ballson after a design of an former german backyard railroader. From the same manufacturer and design is this 0-4-0 "Tiger" The last engine in this row is the 0-4-0 called "Gertrud". This locomtive is produced by the machine-works THUL in Moenchengladbach. It was used during the show to power one of the public-trains.
20.jpg 10.jpg 22.jpg 18.jpg
This diesel-engine (battery-powered) is also produced by Thul. It was the first time equipped with radio-control, but they had problems with the receiver-batteries from all the use of the horn during the show. Again from Switzerland, the "Furka Zuegli" came over to Sinsheim. This is an complete train with two riding-coaches, equiped with sound-system, interior-lights, and working windshield-wipers. The british manufacturer Express Locos had a booth at the show and was allowed to operate his demonstration locomotive on the track. Also it's wide-gauge, I think, it's interesting to see. Again, this year with me on the show was my friend - and our member - Archie Karpe from Kiel, Germany. He operated really succesful his freelanced 3 " scale logging-goose.
25.jpg 26.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg
This engine in smaller scales, running on 5" gauge. I don't know anything about this locomotive, but think, they are worth to be showed. This engine also run on 5" track. It is a commercial model, built by the prototype railroad SOB from Switerland. They are selling some models and also track as well as parts. And this was the highlight of the show (for me). This engine, modeled after an Decauville - prototype and for that it must be between 3" and 3 " scale - was built 1964 in France and later sold to Germany. The owner allowed to operate the locomotive in Sinsheim by some friends.
And now some pictures about my equipment:
1.jpg 2.jpg
Sorry about the bad quality. This pictures were taken on late thursday afternoon during the first test-run on the track. But this the only photos I shot, which show a little bit of the 1,650' of track in the 7.25" gauge hall.
3.jpg 4.jpg
On the other day, the photo-light was much better.
23.jpg 24.jpg
The brake-end of my caboose. This was my storage-track in the depot-area. 20' long, and just enough, no inch remaining.

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