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The 7+ Narrow Gauge Modellers group should bring all narrow gauge friends together, which run their backyard models on 7.25" track-gauge or wider.
The list was founded march 30, 2000.
5" gaugers are also welcome, but the focus should be on 2.5" scale or bigger.

Also, we have some more special pages including an archive for all messages over the list:

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Sadly, we had a lot of spam during the past days on the list, so I had to decide, that every new member has to be approved by me.

When you request to subscribe, lease fill out your profile at yahoo (if not done yet), send me some information, why you want to become a member and if you have any backyard railroad equipment.

Thank you

Hubert Wetekamp
moderator of the 7-plus-ngm-group


The 7+ Narrow Gauger logo is used with the permission of
Robert C. Williams
the former publisher of the 7+ Railroader

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